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As part of our efforts to support the German cultural and linguistic community in Montreal, the German Society offers an online job database for positions offered by businesses from German-speaking countries operating in Montreal as well as local businesses offering jobs that are related to the German culture or require German language skills.

Open positions can be posted for 30 days (and more) on our website and will be shared twice through our social media channels during that time period (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

The fees for publishing a job offer on the German Society's job portal and its distribution on the Society's social media channels are $ 75.00 CAD (one month subscription) and $ 95 (three month subscription). 

The procedure is easy:

  1. You contact us by email and let us know your choice of option (1month/3 months listing)
  2. We send you an electronic invoice to be paid by credit card
  3. You send us your job description, contact address and company logo
  4. We inform you by email once the job offer is online.

For more details regarding the jobPortal, please contact

Disclaimer: Unless the position is offered by the German Society of Montreal, the Society is not responsible for the content of the job offer. For any inquires, please contact the organization listed in the posting.

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